Presenter Guidelines

For any questions related to your presentation, please contact isaah9 at

1. Guidelines for Oral Presentations

Standard oral presentations are 15 mins long. This includes 10–12 mins to present the research and 3–5 mins for interactive discussion. No recordings are required for special sessions or plenaries.

As an oral presenter, you are required to submit your PPT by August 31st. Each presenter will still be presenting LIVE in Santiago.

PPT Template (16:9 - widescreen)

Download template (Light Background)

Virtual Background

Download virtual background for your recorded presentation.

Upload Presentation Slides

Upload your slide deck.

If the upload link for slides do not work, please try again by copyingand pasting the following link into your browser window:

2. Guidelines for Virtual Presentations

Given current COVID-19 associated restrictions for indoor gatherings, the ISAAH9 will NOT have a poster session. Instead, ISAAH9 will offer sessions of short pre-recorded “VirtualPresentations” for colleagues unable to attend the meeting in person. These presentations will be available to all registrants, both in-person and virtual.

Printed posters or photographs of printed posters will NOT be accepted.

All virtual presentations should meet the following criteria. Please check here for examples.


ENGLISH is the official language of ISAAH9. Virtual Presentations and associated text must be in ENGLISH.

Content of the Virtual Presentation

- The title of the “Virtual Presentation” should be consistent with the submitted abstract.

- Please ensure these specific sections (background, methods, results, and conclusions) are covered.

- Please make text easy to read and concise.

- Avoid full sentences; rather use short text in bullet point format.

- Avoid watermarks that may detract from the readability of your presentation.

Presentation Length

The virtual presentation should be no longer than 8 minutes and resolution <1080p (Max File Size: 100 MB).

A good rule of thumb is one slide/minute; We suggest no more than 10 slides maximum for an 8 minute presentation.


Upload your presentation using the following form: ISAAH Virtual Presentation Upload.

Presenters must upload these pre-recorded MP4s by August 21st. You will not be able to upload your presentation once this deadline has passed. Plan accordingly.

The webmaster will check all uploaded videos for functionality and transfer uploaded presentations to the VIMEO platform, which will be password protected.

Beginning on September 5th, all attendees will receive access to the VIMEO platform and associated virtual presentations.


All Virtual Presentations must have an associated copyright release form. To transfer the copyright release of your Virtual Presentation to ISAAH you are required to complete the electronic release form. These forms will be sent to all virtual presenters prior to theAugust 21st deadline. ELECTRONIC RELEASE FORM.

Virtual presentations without a valid electronic release form will not be published!

There will be a chat function in the ISAAH website to facilitate Q&A, where attendees will be able to communicate with the author. Authors should check these chat rooms daily for activity.